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What is a keylogger?

How to hack a facebook account? Try a keylogger. A keylogger is a small software which records the key-presses on a keyboard. So keylogger is the favorite tool of facebook hacking for those new to hacking. By recording the keystrokes, the keylogger keeps track of whatever was typed in through the keyboard. Hence, the facebook username, password and other sensitive information entered through the keyboard can be retrieved. There are a lot of keyloggers available for public use on the internet. Some of these are safe, other are viruses, yet other can get you into trouble by tracing you. An ideal keylogger has following qualities

A keylogger with these charactics is very hard to find without paying some cash, however, we have designed our own keylogger which has all the above mentioned qualities. If you are not able to hack the facebook account through us by using the kali linux method, this is the first recommended way to hack the facebook account.

Where can you download a keylogger?

Right here.

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